The Lincolns: Success Starts with Family

Stephanie & Henry Lincoln
Atlanta, GA
Former Occupation: Corporate Trainer

A few years ago, Stephanie Lincoln, of Atlanta, GA, was working as a corporate trainer for a brokerage firm. She was working hard to earn a living but, like so many people, didn’t know much about how money works. When her sister, René Turner told her about the Primerica business she was building, Stephanie took notice.

“I saw how committed my sister was to her business and how hard she was working to be successful,” recalls Stephanie. “I went to an opportunity meeting and what I saw there totally hooked me! The financial concepts they talked about really struck me. I knew other people needed to know what I’d just learned and I wanted to be a part of an organization that told them.”

Besides the financial education, one of the other things that drew Stephanie to Primerica was the opportunity to work together with family to build a business. “Family and Primerica go hand in hand,” explains Stephanie. “It’s not just me and my sister – my husband, Henry, who I met in this business, also came from a Primerica family. He joined originally with his parents in Northern California!”

Building a Primerica family business isn’t just about creating a better life right now. It’s about laying a strong foundation for future generations to build on. “Henry and I, along with René and her husband, Mel, have a vision for our families,” says Stephanie. “We’re building financial independence together – the kind of continued success that can be passed from generation to generation. Having those kind of collective goals makes you work harder to create a business that has value beyond the present.”

For more information on how you can create your own Primerica family business, contact your local Primerica representative.

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