A Whole New Day

For a former office manager, freedom looks a little different than to others.

To Daniel Alonzo of Ontario, CA, freedom looks like opportunity. Daniel pictures an alternate future in which he never joined Primerica and cringes at the thought of working 9 to 5, making an average income and missing out on the chances to travel, build relationships with people all over the nation, meet new friends, get recognition for a job well done and to generally feel good about himself. Good thing he ignored his best friend when he warned him against Primerica.

That’s right. Daniel almost missed out on the opportunity that changed his life 15 years ago because of what someone told him about a business he knew nothing about. Daniel decided to try it for himself, and has been able to become a leader in the company over the span of a few years.

Relax … Or Not
Now’s the time for him to sit back and enjoy what he and his wife Karma have worked so hard for, right? Wrong. “I’m working harder than ever now, because I just don’t want to miss out on anything. Primerica is a great opportunity, and it’s an opportunity for now. It just gets better every day, and I want to be part of all the innovations and opportunities that are being created to help people,” Daniel explained.

When he joined Primerica, at 21 years old, he just wanted to make money. Now he wants to make Primerica the greatest company in the world. Of course, he added, he wants to do well for his family, but what Primerica is doing is bigger than all of us, he said. “We can help a lot of people, and there’s no reason anyone can’t succeed in making it happen.” He wants to grow new leaders, and has focused his energies into helping other people build their businesses. He’s able to do that because of the Primerica system.

He explained, “The way Primerica is set up, we’re able to build a business, but I work my own hours that are extremely flexible. The system allows me to override a sizeable organization and allows me the freedom to do what I want, when I want.”

Overcoming Fear
“It’s mindboggling to think about how many people, especially in the financial industry, have been wiped out recently. People are out of jobs, out of work … they’ve lost everything. Because of the Primerica system that allows me to build a business within a business, our incomes have remained a little more ‘recession-proof.’ We’re more insulated from big ups and dips in our income,” he clarified.

But he knows that entrepreneurship can still be a frightening concept to some people. To them, he offers this advice: If you’re achieving all your goals and dreams and you see opportunities for unlimited growth in your current job, stay where you are. If you know you want more opportunity, financial stability – more out of life, you have to give Primerica a chance. If you stay where you are, you’re going to keep getting what you have. Primerica is your chance to see what you can do.