Finding His Family

When he was in the NFL, Abram Booty of Shreveport, LA, was time poor. There were no Thanksgivings or Christmases. That’s when games are played. Days off were few and far between. Breaks were short. There were practices to hold. For a couple who had just had its first child, it was an emotional drain.

What Is Freedom Worth?
Now, Abram makes more money each year with Primerica than he did in the NFL; and he gets to see his wife, Amy, and their kids whenever he’d like. “I was recently talking to a friend of mine who’s a professional golfer. I asked him how it was going, and his only answer was that he can’t spend any time with his family. He has kids in elementary and middle school,” Abram explained, “but he only sees them three to four times each month.” To Abram, it’s just not worth the sacrifice. With Primerica, he said, he can make the money of a professional athlete and still have a family life.

For him, that ideal life includes lunch dates with Amy and calls home when necessary. “I have friends who can’t take calls during the day. They have 30 minutes to eat their lunch. Their every moment is dictated. I would take half of what they make just to have freedom,” he said. To Abram, it doesn’t make sense to have your entire life dictated by someone else’s schedule.

Paying It Forward
Before joining Primerica, Abram had moved on to coaching, so Primerica was simply a way to supplement his coaching income. Now, it’s a way to create an income stream that allows him to live his life. He says he feels like he owes it to others to help them do the same. That’s why his long-term goals involve getting more people to the level in which they can find financial independence, too. Especially now.

“I look back at people I was coaching with, and I see that there have been no pay raises in the years since I left coaching. There are freezes on pay raises all around, but there’s no freeze on inflation,” he said. According to Abram, what has been the toughest time of many peoples’ lives has been a great time for his business. He said that in 2009 his income was up a whopping 35% over 2008’s income.

He attributes his success to the fact that Primerica markets hope. Primerica shows people how to eliminate debt, generate income and save for the future, he said. That’s hope. Hope is just what he was looking for when he reached out to Primerica in 2004, and he recommends that others take that same step. He said, “If you’re working with Corporate America, your goals and dreams are not at the top of their agenda.” For him, those goals and dreams were seeing the smiling faces of his children each day and knowing that their dad could provide for them and still be there to witness their lives each and every day. Dream achieved.