Primerica’s October MIT Class Ready To Accept The Challenge

As he started to wind down his closing address to the MIT Class of October 2010, John Addison looked the crowd in the eye Monday afternoon and said with strong conviction, “YOU are Primerica.”

The Primerica Co-CEO also wanted the new group of RVPs to understand that with this great new opportunity, comes tremendous responsibility.   “We have a legacy of toughness, of being a winner,” he explained.  “No matter how tough things get, we go win anyway.”

After three incredible, life-changing days at MIT, the new RVPs are ready to accept the challenge.

“We’re coachable,” said Jeff Naval, the #1 RVP in the class who came all the way from Pearl City, Hawaii with his wife Suzanne.  “We have a bigger vision now, after attending MIT.  We’ll be able to build a bigger team and develop more strong leaders.  We made a decision to go to work.  Why not you?”

For RVP Derrick and Tawanda Parker, the Maryland couple who were also in the Top 3 of this MIT Class, it’s all about the unique insight into the business.

“MIT has been an incredible experience,” Derrick said.  “It has given us the chance to be coached by the top leadership in the company.  We have learned a lot of things we can go back home and implement to do it big.”

Tawanda said, “MIT gave us a chance to learn who we are, to give ourselves a self-examination.  We are RVPs, but we have not arrived.  We have a ways to go.  RVP is a nice place to be, but it’s not the place.”

RVP Marcel and Rosa Bazin, from Calgary, Alberta and also in the Top 3, had high expectations for MIT, only to be blown away by an even bigger experience.

“I knew it would be great, but it was 10 times better – 100 times better – than I even expected,” Marcel said.   “MIT has expanded our vision, and the company has given us the tools to go and do it.  We have had the opportunity to learn from people who have done it.  It’s not text book theory.”

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As Primerica President Glenn Williams said Monday, “MIT is the best kept secret in Primerica,” but with this new group of RVPs spreading the word, it might not be for long.

“Everybody needs to fight to become an RVP, just for the experience of attending MIT,” Rosa said.  “You will be a better person.  You can be a better you.  The experience is priceless.”

Especially if YOU want to be the future of Primerica.

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