Primerica: Compete to Win

Freedom Lives Here - El Conquistador, PR

A strong part of the foundation that Primerica is built upon is competition – both in the marketplace to do what’s right for the consumer, and within the company where our top representatives compete for recognition and the chance to win incentive trips to the world’s greatest destinations.

As the current contest for the Puerto Rico incentive trip to the fabulous El Conquistador passes the halfway point, there is still a tremendous buzz within the company from the last trip – San Diego.

Primerica - San Diego 2010

If you were in San Diego as part of the first-ever incentive trip in the new Primerica, this is a good time to reflect back on that event by watching the highlight videos and downloading and printing the photographs of you and your team – and, in the process, remind yourself that you need to work even harder to win this trip.

If you were not in San Diego, it’s an even better time to look back on what you missed – and make a commitment to never miss another Primerica event.

And, even if you are new to Primerica or haven’t even joined the company yet, there is still an opportunity for you to win the trip of a lifetime to Puerto Rico, with almost three months to go in the competition and 100 new slots now available.

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