Olsens Commit to Pushing Up Their Teammates

Kevin & Tammy Olsen
Santa Ana, CA
Former Occupation: Aerospace Industry

When Kevin & Tammy Olsen, of Santa Ana, CA, joined Primerica, their biggest goal was to simply pay off a $10,000 credit card debt. But, like so many other great Primerica leaders, that short term goal turned into something completely unexpected: an incredible Primerica career. “We initially joined because a high school friend told us we could make some extra money,” recalls Kevin. “Today, our ‘why’ is to be a great example for our three children. Our goal is to prove to them that hard work pays off.”

He continues, “We want our kids to have high standards as they make life choices – whether that be choosing a college, a career or a spouse. Our thinking has changed because of Primerica and we want to instill that same winning attitude in our kids.”

But the Olsens aren’t just setting a good example for the next generation. They’re also focused on pushing up their teammates to success. “Right now, we have teammates who, we believe, have the potential to become the greatest Primerica’s ever seen,” Kevin enthuses. “We’re fully committed to helping our teammates advance to the next level.”

Kevin and Tammy believe right now is the perfect time to be building a Primerica business – and they plan to capitalize on it. “People out there are really hurting and we have the answer,” says Kevin. “In this economy, we’re finding that more and more people are finding that their job isn’t as stable as they thought it was and they’re looking for a good entrepreneurial opportunity. We believe Primerica is it!”

Together, these power builders are on track for even more success. “Our hierarchy is up almost 100% over the last year,” says Kevin. “We are so excited to see how the rest of 2010 turns out. This is going to be our greatest year and we are definitely all in!”