Freedom Lives at Primerica

When you talk to people about their reasons for joining Primerica, they will invariably mention freedom. They saw that a successful Primerica business would give them the freedom to follow their dreams – whether those dreams were world travel, building a dream home, helping others … or all the above.

Freedom is what Bill and Sarah Stewart, of Lubbock, Texas, were looking for when they were introduced to Primerica in 1978. “Back then, I was a youth minister,” remembers Bill, “and I just loved my work – helping young folks and making sure that they had positive role models and experiences before heading out into the world. But, as important as my work was to me, I needed to provide for my young family’s quality of life.

“When we came across Primerica, Sarah and I saw how we could earn a great living, help others and have the freedom to make our own decisions about our lives. We could envision how growing our business would give us the freedom to do what we wanted and in our own time.”

One project that is near and dear to Bill and Sarah is the Emmanuel Orphanage in Kota, India. Bill and Sarah were so impressed with the work they witnessed on a visit to the orphanage that they funded construction of a new building.

“Seeing what the folks who run that orphanage do to transform the lives of the children in their care – it’s very moving,” says Bill. “These are children for whom society doesn’t have any room. They would just be thrown away to live short, desperate lives on the streets were it not for the good people at the school.”

“It was really rewarding to be able to do something like that – and it’s certainly not something we could have done if we had not started and built our Primerica business all those years ago.”

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