Save Money: Pay With Cash!

If you need help kicking the credit habit, try paying with cash. New studies show those who pay with cash:

Spend less. Those who pay with credit – and even debit – buy more things, pay a higher price for them (sometimes twice as much) and are less aware of how much they’ve spent than those who pay with cash.*

Learn positive habits. For example, learn how to save for items you want versus charging them and impulse buying.

Gain leverage. Storeowners will often shave huge percentages off big-ticket items for customers who pay with cash.

Become wealthier. Since there’s no postponing the payment, you learn to truly budget and live within your means. And those who plan and budget are almost 40% wealthier than those who don’t.**

*Money, July 2008
**SmartMoney, September 2008

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