What Do You Overpay For?

Many of us pay too much for these everyday essentials.

Snacks. A daily protein bar can set you back $2 a day. Choose fruit instead for a healthier – and cheaper – alternative.

Bottled water.

Fruits and veggies. If you enjoy precut vegetables and salad mixes, consider the cost of that convenience: about $5.98 a pound. Wash your own lettuce and you’ll pay just a third of that.

Movies. An evening for two at the theatre costs about $30 in major cities. For about $5 a month you can watch two movies from an online rental source or. Plus, DVD kiosks located at certain neighborhood grocery and discount stores rent current-release flicks for about $1 a day. Or … surf your local library’s Web site for free rentals!

Television. Cut the cable or satellite service and get a digital conversion box, which gives you a clear connection to all the basics. With a broadband Internet connection you can watch more than 300 shows on certain internet sites. Many networks now post full episodes on their Web sites so you can watch them for free, or rent DVDs of your favorite shows.

Kiplinger.com, viewed September 9, 2009