Primerica Goes Mobile

Primerica is always looking for ways to make their representatives’ business lives easier, and that kind of innovative thinking usually leads to better technology. Since creating the award-winning TurboApps technology for representatives to send client apps into the Home Office for processing, Primerica’s IT team has continued to look for ways to make it easier and faster for representatives to grow their businesses.


Since the summer of 2009, Primerica representatives have been making the switch from their old platform in favor of the new Windows Mobile platform. With this new platform, representatives will be able to:

• Adapt quickly to Microsoft Windows and learn how to use it faster since it’s similar to what they’ve been using already.
• Process larger, more complex TurboApps applications.
• Call, email or text a client with a tap of the screen.*
• Run multiple software applications simultaneously.
• Use Office Mobile, a suite of mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Mobile, all of which are compatible with desktop versions of the Office Suite.
• Truly be mobile, because future wireless enhancements will include “over-the-air” upload of product applications, software updates and Primerica WebMail.

“This new technology is really going to enable our representatives to take their business to the next level,” says EVP of Technology, Tom Swift. “This new platform will help them help clients more quickly and efficiently, which will in turn help representatives grow their businesses even faster.”

*No emails or texts regarding securities transactions are permitted.

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