Stop and Dream for a Day

Primerica is a special company that is uniquely set up to help its representatives succeed. There are more than 1,500 employees at the Home Office, whose departments are spread out over a large, 10-building campus. Each building houses different departments spanning from Primerica’s very own in-house TV studio to its securities department to field communications.

To help demonstrate to our representatives the solid support system at their disposal, Primerica began giving a Dream for a Day tour of its facilities. We believe that by taking the Tour, representatives will understand Primerica’s purpose, its philosophy and its people.

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“The Dream for a Day Tour allows representatives to learn the history of the company, and see the big picture of how many people they have to support them as they grow their businesses,” says Tour Coordinator Kim Dopson. “We have representatives all around North America and in Spain who come to the Home Office to see where their business gets processed. It’s a very positive experience for them.”

Throughout the past 10 years, thousands of Primerica representatives have experienced a Dream for a Day tour. Tours run seven days a week, at no charge.