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Primerica veterans Gordy & Brenda Bohannon, of Hiawatha, IA, were recently thrilled to be present when their middle son, Zach, and his university basketball team were invited to open the Toronto Stock Exchange.

“Our university basketball team had a trip planned to Ottawa and Toronto to compete against some international competition in August 2013,” reports Zach. “Before we left Canada to return home, the CEO of the Toronto Stock Exchange – who graduated in the same class as my dad – called my school’s basketball office to offer the team the chance to open the exchange.”

Gordy proudly continues, “We spent almost an hour with the CEO after the open, talking. It was such a surprise learning we graduated at the same time. When he found out that Zach has an economics degree, a Masters in communication and that he is working on his MBA in investment banking, he offered him an internship! After talking to our Primerica kid, that CEO was blown away by my son’s communication and leadership skills!”

Join Us!
Growing up “Primerica” has its advantages. Experiencing the positive, encouraging atmosphere of a Primerica entrepreneur’s office and witnessing the proven success of the Primerica system often helps kids adopt the strong work ethic and leadership skills of their parents – like the Bohannon family is enjoying. Start your own family legacy of leadership and success as a Primerica entrepreneur!


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It’s hard to get ahead in the corporate world. There tend to be lots of lower level positions, a few in middle management and even fewer at the top. There’s not much room for improvement – which means far too many people never get a shot at being where they’d like to be.

But Primerica is different! Here, every single person who takes advantage of our incredible entrepreneurial opportunity has exactly the same chance to build an extraordinary business and lifestyle for their families. Here, it’s YOUR efforts and YOUR hard work that bring YOU success. You work to make your own dreams come true, not an employer’s!

Every month, leaders in Primerica who are building it big, finding success and advancing to the next level are recognized for all to see on Primerica’s success blog, Freedom Lives Here. Take a look … and see just how amazing the Primerica business opportunity can be!


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Every year, the Atlanta Business Chronicle compiles a “Financial Who’s Who” list of the 100 top leaders in the banking and financing industry. This document includes “100 names and faces who make deals happen, set the standard for others and move the industry forward.” This year, Primerica’s Co-CEOs, John Addison and Rick Williams, were featured on this prestigious list under the “Financial Public Company” category! Read the article here.


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Glenn Kocher
Edison, NJ
Former Occupation: Teacher

For Glenn Kocher, of Edison, NJ, one of the best parts about building a Primerica business is getting to do it alongside his parents, Jim & Mary Kocher. “Being able to work with my family is awesome,” enthuses Glenn.

He adds, “From a business standpoint, it’s incredible to have a successful example to follow and also have the opportunity to learn the business from them. From a personal standpoint, it’s really nice to not have a boss – so we can spend time as a family doing fun things, while our businesses continue to grow!”

Having the chance to become a successful entrepreneur alongside his family was one of the key reasons Glenn decided to join his parents in business. “I came to Primerica because I saw the freedom of time and the great income my parents had,” explains Glenn. “They were always so happy and excited and really loved what they were doing. I was teaching at the time and when I compared their life after 15 years in Primerica with those of my teaching colleagues who’d been on the job for the same amount of time, the difference was unbelievable. I wanted that for myself.”

He continues, “It wasn’t the actual job so much as it was being told when to be there, when I could take lunch and always having to ask permission to take off to do things that were important to me. I worked long hours for not much pay. Leaving that and starting my Primerica career – where my life is my own – was an easy choice!”

Once he started building his business, Glenn says he got a real taste for helping people in a meaningful way. “I loved everything about this business from the beginning,” smiles Glenn. “I really love working with and helping so many different types of people – from all backgrounds. It was just like being a part of a winning sports team. It’s an exciting feeling!”

Although Glenn is growing his own business separate from his parents, he says he loves the idea of creating success as a full team. “Primerica is truly unique from other family businesses,” he says. “Here, you’re working with your family toward group success, while finding your own personal successes along the way. In this business, each generation can stand on the shoulders of the other, instead of standing in their shadow. It’s awesome!”

For more information on how you can create your own Primerica family business, contact your local Primerica representative.


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Jim & Mary Kocher III
Edison, NJ
Former Occupation: Pastor

When Jim & Mary Kocher joined Primerica in 1985, their primary goal was to simply put themselves back in control of their future. “We were initially attracted to the Opportunity by Primerica’s crusade of helping middle income families to become properly protected, debt free and financially independent,” says Jim. “We also wanted to be able to set our own destiny, not have our future controlled by a job.”

They joined to change their lives financially, but found so much more than that, with their son, Glenn. “It’s an extraordinary feeling to be in business with our son,” enthuses Jim. “Our family Primerica business relies on mutual respect, a shared vision for success and quality time together. Just knowing that there’s a talented, committed successor to pass my business on to is a great thing.”

One of the best parts for the Kochers about building a business together is the chance to create success as a team. “We want Glenn to stand on our shoulders, so to speak, not sit in our shadows,” explains Jim. “He’s building success for himself but we’re all working toward the same goals.”

He continues, “Primerica gives us the ability to create a life of significance with the people we care about the most. Here, we have freedom of time and the potential for an unlimited income – and we get to do it together!”

For more information on how you can create your own Primerica family business, contact your local Primerica representative.


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