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After making your list and checking it twice, you’re probably ready to start buying gifts for all the special people in your life. But did you know that there are some things that you shouldn’t buy during the holidays?

Here are four items that Kiplinger’s recommends purchasing before or after the holiday season:

  1. Computers – New laptops, computer models and tablets are typically released in October and November. To make room for new inventory, retailers often discount older models in later summer and early fall. Consider making a computer purchase in the back-to-school season to save more money!
  2. Cameras – Some of the biggest electronic trade shows happen in January and February, and new models are introduced at these events. Towards the end of February, you can find older camera models at discounts of 30% or more. That’s the best time to buy!
  3. Jewelry ­­­– The commercials may convince you that all she needs for the holidays are diamonds or pearls,but high demand means higher prices. Save a jewelry purchase for spring (after tax season) or summer (July and August) when there aren’t any big gift-giving holidays.
  4. Televisions – If you’re dying to buy yourself or a loved one a new TV, try to wait until February before making that purchase. Retailers often lower prices on last year’s models before the new models make it to the shelves in March. Some of the best deals can be found in early February, after the Super Bowl.

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Primerica Home Office employees have generously adopted 100 Angels from the Salvation Army Angel Tree this year, committing to provide toys and clothing to children in need during the holiday season. The gifts will be delivered to children in the Gwinnett County area.

It’s holiday time, and for many families struggling through economic hardships, the season doesn’t hold the promise that it does for so many of us. Some parents need a helping hand in order to “make the season bright.” That’s why the Primerica Home Office has made the Salvation Army Angels program part of its regular calendar.

This year, the response was extraordinary. All 100 Angels were quickly adopted, and several extra items were donated! At least five bicycles and a crib were among the items contributed beyond the Angel list for whomever may need them.

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The Home Office family has proven once again this year that, even during rough economic times, helping families is a Primerica way of life.


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