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Recently, we shared all the Opening Day excitement and gave our fans and followers a behind-the-scenes look at the event. With Convention right around the corner, you don’t want to miss out on our coverage, photos and sneak peeks of everything happening in Primerica.

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It’s hard to get ahead in the corporate world. There tend to be lots of lower level positions, a few in middle management and even fewer at the top. There’s not much room for improvement – which means far too many people never get a shot at being where they’d like to be.

But Primerica is different! Here, every single person who takes advantage of our incredible entrepreneurial opportunity has exactly the same chance to build an extraordinary business and lifestyle for their families. Here, it’s YOUR efforts and YOUR hard work that bring YOU success. You work to make your own dreams come true, not an employer’s!

Every month, leaders in Primerica who are building it big, finding success and advancing to the next level are recognized for all to see on Primerica’s success blog, Freedom Lives Here. Take a look … and see just how amazing the Primerica business opportunity can be!


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Primerica Co-CEO John Addison called it “the most electrifying night in the history of the company.” The 2011 Primerica Convention was no ordinary event, not even by our incredible standards.

There were so many game changers, it’s hard to list them all – from revolutionary new products to ground-breaking technology to cutting-edge new marketing tools to one of the great business speeches of all-time by company Founder Art Williams. All had a tremendous impact in the momentum Primerica has right now.

“It’s the beginning of a run,” said John, who ignited the crowd himself with a rousing closing bombshell. “We just changed the world. Things moved.”

In addition to countless hours behind the scenes for several months leading up to the Convention by virtually every division of Primerica, the event also featured a monumental show of force on location at The Georgia Dome and The Georgia World Congress Center. It was like the Super Bowl, a Rolling Stones concert and a mega-business meeting all rolled into one. Here are just a few of the facts and figures:

  • 6 million square feet of space used by Primerica at The Dome and the GWCC
  • 60 Semi tractor trailer trucks to transport all of the awards, marketing tools, exhibits, staging and A/V and TV gear – weighing more than 1 ton
  • 2,000+ people on location running and staffing the event
  • 15 miles of wire rope to suspend the truss and rigging for the staging and lighting
  • 550,000 watts of lighting and 26,000 watts of audio power just in The Dome
  • 9,000 feet of line rocket and data cable for pyrotechnics
  • 436,000 square feet of carpet and 50,000 square feet of drape
  • 1,000+ awards ranging from hand-painted portraits to giant MVP trophies
  • 528,000 pounds of paper printed for 100,000 packets and store items
  • 2.25 million total print pieces
  • 20,000 orders placed on site at the stores

“We stretch the idea of what is big in this company,” John said. “We’re on the edge of something gigantic. The way to get big is to stretch yourself to a level where you never saw yourself. Every now and then, you have to look around and realize the direction has changed. We’re at one of those moments. It starts now.”


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Ask any Primerica leader why they joined the company and almost all of them will tell you the same thing. They joined Primerica to be free.

Freedom is about having choices. It’s about living life on your own terms, not having salary caps or glass ceilings. At Primerica, freedom is about having the opportunity to create the life you’ve always dreamed about while helping educate Main Street families about their finances.


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(Editor’s Note:  It has been seven months ago now, but it still seems like yesterday.  As we close in on the end of the year and look ahead to 2011, it is worth reflecting proudly on what happened that magical Spring day, April 1… The Re-Founding of Primerica.)

NEW YORK – “This is one of those days,” Primerica Co-CEO John Addison said, “when you look back and say, ‘you’re not going to have many of these.  This was a good day.’  This is special.”

John was en route to the NYSE where he had started the day with the company’s IPO.  After the opening bell, John was interviewed live on television by everybody from CNBC to Fox Business News to Bloomberg.  Now he was headed back to Wall Street to ring the closing bell with Co-CEO Rick Williams and the company’s top executives and field leaders.

From Day One, the IPO had created a buzz on Wall Street not often seen in these turbulent times.  Even the most stoic of traders on the NYSE floor were caught up in the excitement of the day, referring to it as “old school.”  Letter after letter rolled in from different corners of the financial services world, all congratulating the company on its incredible achievement.  Jim Cramer later called it “the best performing IPO of the year” on Mad Money and the success of the IPO received international press coverage.

For John and Rick, it was the culmination of a nearly four-year journey, one that defied all odds – especially during such a challenging economic climate.  “It was a long and winding road,” John said, “but we had a goal.  We had a mission.”

Primerica has long been called “a company of destiny,” forged from a legacy of greatness, built on the rock solid foundation of doing what’s right for the consumer.  There was only one thing missing from the equation:  freedom.

“You don’t know what this means,” John later told the capacity crowd at the world famous Waldorf Astoria Grand Ballroom, where the meeting was broadcast live to the entire company and attended by more than 1,000 Primerica reps from around the U.S. and Canada.  “I’ve never been prouder.  Today, we rang the bell of freedom.  It’s a new day, it’s a new moment.  It’s morning in Primerica.

“Freedom lives here.”

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To see more pictures from Primerica’s IPO day, visit Flickr.


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