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It’s that time of year again. Yellow buses abound and children are headed back to the classroom. While this can be an exciting time (for both children and parents), starting a new grade and getting back into an academic state of mind can be taxing. Here are few tips to make the start of the school year a good one:

  • Talk it up! Some kids can’t wait to be back in school with their friends while others bemoan the fact that summer is coming to an end. One way to make your kids excited about going back to school is to talk about it in a positive way. Build excitement about the next grade, new teachers or perhaps a new school. Anticipation goes a long way so give them reasons to be psyched!
  • Get oriented. Attend open houses to meet teachers, any summer play dates or activities that might be scheduled and ask for a tour of the school if your child is a new student. The more your child knows about what his or her school year will look like, the less nervous he or she will be.
  • Stock up on school supplies. Check local papers for sales on back to school supplies and stock up if the deals are good. Odds are, the supplies on the initial list won’t last an entire school year, so grab some extras while prices are low. To give your child a sense of choice and ownership, make picking out school supplies a special event and let him or her pick up one or two inexpensive “extras.”
  • Get back on schedule. A week before school starts, try to get your kids back on a bedtime and wake up schedule. This will make things easier when the alarm sounds on the first day of school.
  • Prep the night before. Take the stress out of the mornings by preparing the night before. Pack backpacks and lunches. Choose an outfit for the following day. These small acts can save a lot of time on frantic mornings.
  • Keep the lines of communication open. In addition to finding out what your child did at school that day and what he or she learned, also ask questions about their friends and relationships. Talk to them about bullying and what to do if they experience it or see it happening to someone else. Let them know that they can come to you or another trusted adult if they have problems.

New Year, Fresh Start
Each new school year is an opportunity to make a fresh start, make new friends and learn new things. Being organized is key to managing the stress of juggling so many different aspects of family life. Now is the time to make a fresh start and make a plan you can stick to!

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The Primerica Foundation is supporting Gwinnett students’ graduation efforts through a $25,000 donation to the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Fund, Inc. The grant will be used to assist with the expansion of a credit recovery program for over-aged 8th grade students. The STEP Academy for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Targeted Education Program, launched as a pilot program last school year at one of the district’s middle schools, supports students who are working to get back on track academically. Get the full story here to find out all about this amazing program and to learn how Primerica is helping to expand it.

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Primerica is in the business of education – it’s the foundation of everything we do for families. A solid financial education is the key to making better choices! So it’s only natural that when we have the chance to help the next generation get a good head start on the future of their dreams, we want to be involved.

In April, Primerica awarded funds to The GIVE Center West and 18 Gwinnett County Public Schools (where our Executive Offices are based) to support their Advanced Placement exam programs. Read the full article here.



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Times are tough, but you don’t have to let your debt mark you forever. If you’re among the 79% of undergrads who have credit cards, you’re part of a group carrying record-high credit balances. The average balance grew to $3,173 and 21% have balances of between $3,000 to $7,000. And this isn’t even including the more than $25,000 amassed in student debt!1 Is this really the way you pictured starting your life?

Proud and in Debt
According to researchers at Ohio State University, young adults feel empowered by their credit card and education debts. Seriously?! You feel empowered? “The more credit card and college loan debt 18- to 27-year-olds had, the more they felt like they were in control of their lives. Ironically, this is the generation that is expected to deal with an increasingly growing 14 trillion dollar national debt.”2

Don’t let your debt scar you. Get out now and stay out of debt. That’s the only way to really get ahead and make the most of all of your hard-earned cash. Here are some tips to help you avoid digging yourself into debt:

  • Add it up. It might make you a little queasy, but you’re better off knowing where you stand. Get all of your bills together and do the math.
  • Less cards = more control. Did you know that half of college undergrads had 4 or more credit cards?3 It’s time to get rid of that card you opened for a free T-shirt on the first day of class and keep it manageable. Have you heard of debt stacking? It’s a great way to gear down your debt. Take a look:


  • Check your credit. Did you know you can get your credit report for free once a year? Visit (877-322-8228). You might have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on your debt balance but your credit score is the number one thing banks, creditors — and future employers — look at, so you’d better know what’s up.
  • Develop a budget. Ugh. The B-word. Budgets are boring, right? Maybe, but for some, this can be a major wake-up call. If you seem to run short at the end of the month and can’t figure out where the money goes, this is a great way to discover less than stellar trends in your spending habits.
  • Learn from your mistakes. “Nearly one in five 18- to 24-year-olds is in ‘debt hardship,’”4 so even if you’re in over your head right now, you can make a couple of strategic changes and get back in the black. As soon as you learn from your mistakes, you can start taking a step in the right direction … and that’s money in that bank!
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* The examples are for illustrative purposes only. The Debt Stacking concept assumes that: (1) you make consistent payments on all of your debts, (2) when you pay off the first debt in your plan, you add the payment you were making toward that debt to your existing payment on the next debt in your plan (therefore you make the same total monthly payment each month toward your debts) (3) you continue this process until you have eliminated all of the debts in your plan. In the example above, when the retail card is paid off, the $220 is applied to credit card 2, accelerating its payment to $573. After credit card 2 is paid off, the $573 is applied to the car loan for a total payment of $1,124. The process is then continued until all debts are paid off. Note that the total payment per month remains constant.


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Stephanie & Henry Lincoln
Atlanta, GA
Former Occupation: Corporate Trainer

A few years ago, Stephanie Lincoln, of Atlanta, GA, was working as a corporate trainer for a brokerage firm. She was working hard to earn a living but, like so many people, didn’t know much about how money works. When her sister, René Turner told her about the Primerica business she was building, Stephanie took notice.

“I saw how committed my sister was to her business and how hard she was working to be successful,” recalls Stephanie. “I went to an opportunity meeting and what I saw there totally hooked me! The financial concepts they talked about really struck me. I knew other people needed to know what I’d just learned and I wanted to be a part of an organization that told them.”

Besides the financial education, one of the other things that drew Stephanie to Primerica was the opportunity to work together with family to build a business. “Family and Primerica go hand in hand,” explains Stephanie. “It’s not just me and my sister – my husband, Henry, who I met in this business, also came from a Primerica family. He joined originally with his parents in Northern California!”

Building a Primerica family business isn’t just about creating a better life right now. It’s about laying a strong foundation for future generations to build on. “Henry and I, along with René and her husband, Mel, have a vision for our families,” says Stephanie. “We’re building financial independence together – the kind of continued success that can be passed from generation to generation. Having those kind of collective goals makes you work harder to create a business that has value beyond the present.”

For more information on how you can create your own Primerica family business, contact your local Primerica representative.

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