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It’s that time of year again. Yellow buses abound and children are headed back to the classroom. While this can be an exciting time (for both children and parents), starting a new grade and getting back into an academic state of mind can be taxing. Here are few tips to make the start of the school year a good one:

  • Talk it up! Some kids can’t wait to be back in school with their friends while others bemoan the fact that summer is coming to an end. One way to make your kids excited about going back to school is to talk about it in a positive way. Build excitement about the next grade, new teachers or perhaps a new school. Anticipation goes a long way so give them reasons to be psyched!
  • Get oriented. Attend open houses to meet teachers, any summer play dates or activities that might be scheduled and ask for a tour of the school if your child is a new student. The more your child knows about what his or her school year will look like, the less nervous he or she will be.
  • Stock up on school supplies. Check local papers for sales on back to school supplies and stock up if the deals are good. Odds are, the supplies on the initial list won’t last an entire school year, so grab some extras while prices are low. To give your child a sense of choice and ownership, make picking out school supplies a special event and let him or her pick up one or two inexpensive “extras.”
  • Get back on schedule. A week before school starts, try to get your kids back on a bedtime and wake up schedule. This will make things easier when the alarm sounds on the first day of school.
  • Prep the night before. Take the stress out of the mornings by preparing the night before. Pack backpacks and lunches. Choose an outfit for the following day. These small acts can save a lot of time on frantic mornings.
  • Keep the lines of communication open. In addition to finding out what your child did at school that day and what he or she learned, also ask questions about their friends and relationships. Talk to them about bullying and what to do if they experience it or see it happening to someone else. Let them know that they can come to you or another trusted adult if they have problems.

New Year, Fresh Start
Each new school year is an opportunity to make a fresh start, make new friends and learn new things. Being organized is key to managing the stress of juggling so many different aspects of family life. Now is the time to make a fresh start and make a plan you can stick to!

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Scott Wilson of Edmonton, AB, is a fighter. More than 15 years ago, amid an overwhelming work schedule and a child’s heartbreaking illness, he left his corporate job and joined Primerica. While his wife worked full-time as a dental assistant, Scott was working 60-hour weeks before Primerica came along. He decided to start a business. He could make calls while his son napped during the day and he could go on appointments in the evenings, when his wife was home. It sounded like the perfect plan, until the Wilsons realized that their son wasn’t like other children.

The boy lasted just 10 days in daycare. He sat in the corner all alone, not interacting with the other children at all. It was the first sign that something was amiss with his development. Scott took extra care to make sure his son’s special needs were being met, but it wasn’t until a few years later that he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It changed the course of Scott’s life forever.

The challenges of rearing a child with this developmental disability were remarkable. He needed constant attention and, since Scott had the flexibility that comes with being your own boss, the daytime responsibility fell to him. Caring for their son was a full-time job. Scott recalls, “Most children learn through incidental experience but, in our son’s case, we had to be intentional about every learning outcome. The more time I spent with him, the better he did. Left to his own devices, he’d quickly regress. Because I was able to be present with my son, he was able to teach me what he needed.”

Just two short years after their son’s diagnosis, a daughter was born, and the Wilsons were ecstatic. Sadly, the daughter would soon be diagnosed with autism, as well, and would exhibit more severe signs than her brother did. But Scott and his wife Lynn were there.

“I was able to bring the children home from school every day for lunch so they could get a break from the chaos that the playground is to a child with autism. I shudder to think where my children would be today had I continued to work 60 hours a week. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to provide them with the attention they needed,” Scott argues.

“Primerica is the only place where you get support even while you’re going through a valley. Some valleys are deeper than others, but that doesn’t matter here. If you keep plodding through, Primerica will be waiting.”

Something Bigger Than Themselves
Over the years, Scott and Lynn have become staunch advocates for issues relating to children with disabilities. They helped create a martial arts class for children with autism. It’s taught by an occupational therapist who has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. The class began with eight children. It now boasts more than 40.

When Scott saw that his son was struggling socially in the seventh grade, he mobilized a social skills pilot project and saw the funding come into place for his son’s eighth- and ninth-grade years, too.

Because of the flexibility and freedom that having a Primerica business gave him, Scott was instrumental in guiding the government of Alberta on Bill 23: The Family Supports for Children with Disabilities Act. Since 2007, he’s been appointed to sit on two advisory boards that have guided the Minister of Children’s Services on issues relating to children’s disabilities.

Now, the boy who needed constant care gets himself out of bed and to the city bus on time. He makes it to his high school classes and back home again with ease. The intensive therapies that the Wilsons had the time and freedom to provide their children have made all the difference in their lives … and the lives of countless other children with developmental disabilities.

The Primerica Story
Scott says he’s not the poster boy for the Primerica business opportunity. He hasn’t grown a big business or made all of the money he’d hoped to make … yet; but, Scott couldn’t be more wrong. His story is the Primerica story. Because of this company, he was able to spend precious time with his children during what could have been turbulent years for them. He had the freedom to be there when his family needed him most. He had the opportunity to affect law as it pertains to children with disabilities. And he knew that, no matter what, Primerica would be ready for him when he was ready to build it big.

That, Scott, is exactly what Primerica’s all about. You’re a survivor. You’re a Primerican, and we salute you.


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If you ask any Primerica representative, they’ll probably tell you a million ways that this business has changed their life. But for Gerald Verghese & Lisa Yee, of Kirkland, Quebec, what stands out the most is how their Primerica business gave them the freedom to be there for their family – at a time when they were needed the most.

When their two children, Gabriel and Gracianne, were young, each developed life threatening illnesses that have kept the young family in and out of the hospital for the last 10 years.

When Gabriel was born, he was diagnosed with severe reflux and esophagitis. For nearly a year, Gerald and Lisa had to feed him a special high calorie, hypoallergenic formula through a feeding tube. Fast forward a few years and the family was just beginning to recover from that family trauma when their second child, Gracianne was born. “By her second birthday, we knew something was wrong,” says Lisa. “She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It was our second time going through the shock of emergency room visits and constant medical management of our child.”

For a lot of people, the stress alone would be overwhelming, not to mention trying to juggle doctor visits and emergency room runs with the day to day activities of holding down a job and maintaining a home. But Gerald and Lisa both credit their Primerica “family” with getting them through the tough times. “Primerica has been an incredible blessing in our lives,” says Gerald. “Both of our kids are managing their conditions well because Lisa and I have been able to give them our time and energy. Not only that, but because we’ve built a strong foundation for our Primerica business, we’ve continued to grow in that area as well.”


He continues, “None of what we’ve been able to do for our family would have been possible if I’d stayed in my former occupation as an accountant. That 9 to 5 workday wouldn’t have accommodated our family challenges and I’d probably have lost my job and income. Because of Primerica, we have been able to make a much larger income than I ever could have before and, more importantly, this business has given us freedom and flexibility with our time.”

Today, Gabriel is 10 years old and Gracianne is five. Each still faces challenges, but they are thriving in spite of their medical issues. “I used to be a negative person who would have been angry and resentful about having two very sick children,” reflects Gerald. “But this company has surrounded us with great people who showed us how to think and act in ways that make every situation better and not worse. We’ve been able to set a great example for our kids, too, so even their doctors remark how positive and happy they are, despite their challenges!”

He adds, “Primerica has allowed us to be totally involved in every aspect of our kids lives, which has tremendously increased the quality of life for our family. This business changed our lives and we are so grateful to have found this Opportunity!”

To learn more about how building your own Primerica business, visit us online.


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Mary Ann Small, of Buford, GA, was a single mother of two young children, Shari and Josh. She worked hard to keep up her family’s American dream. “I was working 139 hours a week at two jobs – as a corporate trainer and a cocktail waitress,” remembers Mary Ann. “It was exhausting but I was determined that my children weren’t going to miss out on anything. I did everything I could for them from life insurance to even a live-in nanny.”

One day Mary Ann was introduced to long-time Primerica leader Willorene Morrow. She was shocked when Willorene showed her that the cash value policies she had been paying faithfully into for years had cash values of less than $1,000 each. “Those polices were supposed to be educational funds and – at the rate we were going — I wasn’t even going to be able to pay for a year of books. I was frustrated because I had been paying hard-earned money into these policies for so long with almost nothing to show for it.” Mary Ann replaced her cash value policies with a Primerica term policy that included child riders on Shari and Josh. “I was buying the coverage that I felt better suited my family’s needs,” says Mary Ann. “But making that switch had real repercussions that I didn’t dream of at the time.”

A few years later, Josh and Shari were both in high school and Mary Ann decided to increase their riders to the maximum of $25,000. “That was really an amazing move,” says Mary Ann. “Shortly after we changed the riders, Shari was diagnosed with cancer. She was treated and has been in remission for years now. Then Josh began to experience seizures.”

“The wonderful thing about Primerica’s coverage,” notes Mary Ann, “is that we were able to convert their child riders into their own Primerica policies for the guaranteed conversion amount without underwriting. At the time of conversion Josh requested additional coverage and was underwritten and approved for additional coverage plus a requested Increasing Benefit Rider. This was a huge help since by that time both had started families of their own — Josh with a daughter, Caylee, and Shari with a son, Trinten.

Then one day in May of 2010, Josh came home from work. He wasn’t feeling well and went to take a bath. It was while he lay in the hot bath that he died of sudden heart attack. Mary Ann remembers. “Josh used to say, ‘Hey, I’m a momma’s boy and proud of it!’ because Shari, Josh and I have always been close – they knew I sacrificed for them. We valued our time together – it was only a week before he died that Josh and I had been skiing. How could I know that my first death claim would be my own child?”

Today, Mary Ann will tell you personal philosophy is important. “I know that at Primerica we always say, ‘We do what’s right.’ But those words really meant something to my family. Primerica didn’t have to do what they did for us – there was a paperwork problem that could have been used to change the coverage — but they did what was right. Today, when I tell my story to parents who don’t think they should get the child riders for their children I ask them ‘Why not?’ None of us has a crystal ball and we just can’t know the future – so for the cost of a child rider – why wouldn’t you?

NOTE: Cash value life insurance can be universal life, whole life, etc. and may contain benefits in addition to death protection, such as dividends, interest or cash value available for a loan or upon surrender of the policy. Whole life insurance usually has a level premium for the life of the policy. Term insurance provides a death benefit only and its premiums can increase at certain ages.

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Primerica Home Office employees have generously adopted 100 Angels from the Salvation Army Angel Tree this year, committing to provide toys and clothing to children in need during the holiday season. The gifts will be delivered to children in the Gwinnett County area.

It’s holiday time, and for many families struggling through economic hardships, the season doesn’t hold the promise that it does for so many of us. Some parents need a helping hand in order to “make the season bright.” That’s why the Primerica Home Office has made the Salvation Army Angels program part of its regular calendar.

This year, the response was extraordinary. All 100 Angels were quickly adopted, and several extra items were donated! At least five bicycles and a crib were among the items contributed beyond the Angel list for whomever may need them.

[slidepress gallery=’gift-of-joy’]

The Home Office family has proven once again this year that, even during rough economic times, helping families is a Primerica way of life.


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