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Primerica Canada is celebrating its 30th birthday all year long. Back in 1986, we started out with just a few representatives and a new idea. We would offer quality term life insurance to Main Street families because we believed then and still do believe it to be the best way to provide them with quality products at an affordable price. Now Primerica Canada is a top 10 insurer in the country, with $100 billion of life insurance in force. And we boast the largest independent life insurance and mutual fund sales force in Canada!

Thirty years of helping families prepare, protect and prosper. Thirty years of changing lives. What will the next three decades bring? We can’t wait to find out.


Not all products/services are available in all states or provinces.

In New York, term life insurance products are underwritten by National Benefit Life Insurance Company, Home Office: Long Island City, New York; in the United States (except in New York), term life insurance products are underwritten by Primerica Life Insurance Company, Executive Offices: Duluth, Georgia.

Term life insurance and segregated funds are offered through Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada.

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Primerica veterans Gordy & Brenda Bohannon, of Hiawatha, IA, were recently thrilled to be present when their middle son, Zach, and his university basketball team were invited to open the Toronto Stock Exchange.

“Our university basketball team had a trip planned to Ottawa and Toronto to compete against some international competition in August 2013,” reports Zach. “Before we left Canada to return home, the CEO of the Toronto Stock Exchange – who graduated in the same class as my dad – called my school’s basketball office to offer the team the chance to open the exchange.”

Gordy proudly continues, “We spent almost an hour with the CEO after the open, talking. It was such a surprise learning we graduated at the same time. When he found out that Zach has an economics degree, a Masters in communication and that he is working on his MBA in investment banking, he offered him an internship! After talking to our Primerica kid, that CEO was blown away by my son’s communication and leadership skills!”

Join Us!
Growing up “Primerica” has its advantages. Experiencing the positive, encouraging atmosphere of a Primerica entrepreneur’s office and witnessing the proven success of the Primerica system often helps kids adopt the strong work ethic and leadership skills of their parents – like the Bohannon family is enjoying. Start your own family legacy of leadership and success as a Primerica entrepreneur!


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On May 31, 2013, Primerica crossed the $15 billion marker in claims paid to families by its life companies in the U.S. and Canada.

That’s $15 billion that kept families in their homes, put food on tables, sent kids to school – and so much more. That’s $15 billion that kept families together and brought peace of mind. At Primerica, we do what’s right!

Note: Primerica’s affiliated life insurance companies include National Benefit Life Insurance Company (Home Office: Long Island City, NY) in New York; Primerica Life Insurance Company (Executive Offices: Duluth, GA) in all other U.S. jurisdictions; Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada (Head Office, Mississauga, ON) in Canada.


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Primerica Canada’s Common Sense Asset Builder Funds have been awarded the FundGrade A+ Rating – a designation given to less than 2% of investment funds in Canada. Earning this award says that our funds are among those that achieve the best risk-adjusted returns and that demonstrate the highest level of consistency. That’s pretty good company to be in, eh?

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Primerica is proud to announce that the largest financial services distribution sales force in Canada continues to grow — we have eclipsed 10,000 licensed agents in Canada. Congratulations to the Primerica Canada team – and to all the families they help each day.

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