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Funding from The Primerica Foundation recently purchased a new emergency bio-med vehicle for the Metro Atlanta American Red Cross – an effort that will enable critical life-saving measures to get where they need to go.

“These vans move blood back and forth between hospitals, and move people to blood drives,” Wendy Tabron, Regional Philanthropy Officer with the Metro-Atlanta American Red Cross, said at a vehicle dedication ceremony and celebration held at the Primerica Home Office on Wednesday, August 14. “When there is not a disaster going on, these vans still need to move because the country still needs blood.”

Wednesday’s dedication ceremony was held to showcase the new van and to highlight the significant impact Primerica is having on the Greater-Atlanta community through its corporate and charitable giving, and more importantly, through personal blood donations. The Home Office held a blood drive for employees to donate on August 14, as well.

Tabron said, in addition to financial support, Primerica has participated in hosting more than 60 blood drives with the Red Cross, potentially saving thousands of lives. She thanked and praised the leadership of The Primerica Foundation for their eagerness to help and for being easy to work with over the years.

Primerica CEO Glenn Williams and Kathryn Kieser, President and Chair of The Primerica Foundation, thanked the crowd of employees who showed up for the ceremony and urged them to give blood if they could.

“In addition to all the great things we celebrate here at Primerica, I don’t know of anything that is more important than this,” said Williams. “Being able to add to your commitment and your sacrifice as donors by using some of The Primerica Foundation’s funds to donate this bio-med van is an opportunity for us to impact lives in a special way.”

Check out more in a local news article!


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Marco Island 2019 - Pursuit of Paradise

The 2019 Pursuit of Paradise Incentive trip took more than 400 couples to the tropical JW Marriot Resort & Spa on exclusive Marco Island, FL, August 4-7.

The qualifiers gathered together to network with the company’s top securities producers, share tips for building their investments business, and enjoy a motivating three days of speakers, awards and recognition at the picture-perfect resort.

Check out photos from the event.



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Primerica is proud to be ranked among Forbes America’s Best Employers for Women. Check out the article and rankings here.

As of July 2019. The survey was conducted using online access panels, providing a sample of individuals working part- or full-time with companies with more than 1,000 employees and/or independent contractor agents in the U.S.  Primerica representatives are independent contractors, not employees.


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Francis & Sara Fontana
Houston, TX

When Primerica Regional Vice President Francis & Sara Fontana, who sing with the Bay Area Chorus of Greater Houston, learned their choral director envisioned holding a special concert for the victims of a school shooting on the one-year anniversary of the tragedy, the couple, who run their business in Houston, TX, worked hard to make that vision a reality.* Director Milton Pullen proposed the chorus sing Dan Forrest’s 2014 arrangement of “Requiem for the Living,” a five-part series of prayers put to music, to offer healing to the community of Santa Fe, where 10 people were killed and many more injured in 2018. The shooting hit too close to home for Francis and Sara, who not only have friends and clients in Santa Fe, but whose grandkids attend school in a neighboring district.

The idea of performing a special concert for the victims struck a chord with the Fontanas, and over a series of rehearsals, the concert evolved to include victims still reeling over the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Although their personal property was spared during the storm, many of their clients who live in nearby Dickinson, TX, weren’t so lucky. 

“It’s hard to wrap your mind around how devastating a hurricane can be,” explains Francis. “Here it is two years later and some people still haven’t recovered from the damage done to their homes.”

The concert was held Sunday, May 5, 2019, for a standing-room-only audience of about 750 people at Dickinson United Methodist Church. The Fontanas worked with the mayors of Dickinson and Santa Fe to bring their communities out for the event, which included a full 44-piece orchestra.

*Primerica representatives are independent contractors and are not employees of Primerica.


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Blackboard background with school supplies suggesting back to school season

Back-to-school shopping is expected to hit a record high average this year whether consumers are doing the shopping for children headed back to grade school or for older kids going off to college. Clothes, shoes, bookbags, art supplies, electronics, dorm room essentials (and non-essentials) can all add up pretty fast.

A National Retail Federation study estimates combined spending for families with kids from Kindergarten to college will reach a whopping $80.7 million this year alone.1 That’s on average $696.70 for families with kids under 18 and $976.78 for families with college students.1

Those are some overwhelming averages when you consider that more than half of parents with kids under the age of 18 (and 42 percent of parents with college-bound kids) say they feel pressured to overspend when it comes to back-to-school shopping.2

Here are some ways to keep spending under control:

  • Rethink the money lessons you’re imparting. Our intentions might be in the right place when we send our youngsters back to school with all the best stuff, but it can also pay off to set some spending ground rules and consider what lessons they may be learning from the experience. Provide them with what they need, and maybe splurge on a trendy non-essential or two to ramp up the excitement of a new year, but don’t take your kids on a spending spree – especially if you’ll go into debt doing so! Remember, they are watching you and taking mental notes.
  • Set a budget and involve your child. Set a back-to-school budget, share it with your child, and then buy items on their list based on that number. When it comes to school supplies, you can involve an older child in the process by telling them they have “[X] amount of money to spend on their school supply list.” Let them take the entire activity over by locating the items on the list on the Internet and saving them in an online shopping cart. You can compare the cart to their list before checkout.
  • Don’t go into debt. Don’t put back-to-school supplies or shopping items on a credit card unless you can turn around and pay it off right away. If it’s the credit card reward points you’ll receive, then earn the bonus, but pay off the bill immediately. While most Americans say they wouldn’t purchase something they couldn’t afford with a credit card in order to look successful to others, a quarter still say they would take on the debt.2  


1, “Record Spending Expected for School and College Supplies,” July 15, 2019
2, “43% of Parents Pressured to Overspend on Back-to-School Shopping,” July 29, 2019


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