Thirty percent of Americans ages 50 to 64 has an adult child living with them most of the year – the highest point in 40 years!* Here are some tips on how to cope with an adult child returning home:

Set a deadline. Establishing a target move-out date can help keep your kids focused on the future.

Expect financial help. If they have a job, grown kids should pay their own phone bills and contribute to household costs such as food and cable TV.

Work together to determine rent. Decide on a reasonable rate, then save their contributions for a security deposit on a new apartment or furniture.

Ask them to pitch in. In lieu of rent (or in addition to it) your kids should help out around the house. If you’re not happy with the current situation, speak up!

Offer financial advice. Remember your kids are dealing with new issues like student loans, credit cards and health insurance. They may not ask for your advice, but they probably need it.

*, “Still Supporting Your Adult Kids? 5 Steps to Set Them Free,” October 11, 2017



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One Response to “Adult Kids Living at Home? Tips on Coping”

  1. August 30th, 2018 at 4:28 pm Hilary Says:

    This looks very different of course, when the adult child is disabled. Placement within an institution or home? With cuts to disability benefits, dwindling medicaid funds and community services for the disabled and their families, disabled employees STILL receiving less than minimum wage, the home dynamic is going back to the extended nuclear familial structure.

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