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More than 1,700 Primerica leaders and their Partners soaked up success in Miami Beach during two phases of the South Beach Bound incentive trip held August 20-26 at the Fontainebleau Hotel.

In between business meetings, attendees networked with other field leaders and were recognized for their hard work helping Main Street families across the United States and Canada.




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During a recent incentive trip for field leaders held in Miami, The Primerica Foundation awarded a $20,000 grant to a local nonprofit to help fund a program that assists families with troubled children get the intervention services they need.

The grant went to the Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services’ “First Stop for Families Program,” which supports approximately 400 Miami-Dade youth and their families per year.

The program is designed to help families stay together during times of crisis by providing access to professionally trained social workers and case managers to develop new solutions and approaches to overcome conflicts.

“Primerica is deeply committed to improving the communities in which we live and work,” said Glenn Williams, Primerica’s CEO. “Through targeted charitable giving, our Foundation helps strengthen and support families in their time of need. We applaud the exceptional work done by Miami Bridge and are proud to support this worthwhile organization.”

For more information about the Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services, visit


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Whether you’re a millennial parent or a Gen X parent, teaching your kids money skills is a valuable lesson ALL parents say should happen sooner than later in life. A recent survey found that many parents these days think instilling financial how-to’s in their children ought to happen at age 12 or younger.*

Here are seven great ways to help acquaint younger kids with personal finance topics:

1. Invest in play money. Introduce the concept of money to your children as soon as they are able to count. Buy a play money set so they can actively use it while playing.

2. Open a savings account. Start a savings account for your child to instill the importance of regular saving and saving early.

3. Start a library. Reading about money management is a great way to introduce your child to personal finance at a young age. There are countless fun and educational books about money for kids.

4. Write checks. Teach your child the art of writing a paper check. Use your own or try one of the plenty of online tutorials available on the Internet.

5. Collect coins. Becoming a numismatist can definitely peak your interest in money matters! Check out the United States Mint for Kids website for free games, activities and resources on coin collecting.

6. Pay for good grades. Pay your child an allowance for getting good grades. For example, pay $5 for an A and $3 for a B. Triple the money if your child brings home all A’s and double it for A’s and B’s.

7. Play the Stock Market Game. Teach your child the fundamentals of personal finance and investing while working together to build and manage an investment portfolio.

*, “Is 12 Years Old Too Young to Talk to Your Kids About Money?,” July 25, 2018


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Thirty percent of Americans ages 50 to 64 has an adult child living with them most of the year – the highest point in 40 years!* Here are some tips on how to cope with an adult child returning home:

Set a deadline. Establishing a target move-out date can help keep your kids focused on the future.

Expect financial help. If they have a job, grown kids should pay their own phone bills and contribute to household costs such as food and cable TV.

Work together to determine rent. Decide on a reasonable rate, then save their contributions for a security deposit on a new apartment or furniture.

Ask them to pitch in. In lieu of rent (or in addition to it) your kids should help out around the house. If you’re not happy with the current situation, speak up!

Offer financial advice. Remember your kids are dealing with new issues like student loans, credit cards and health insurance. They may not ask for your advice, but they probably need it.

*, “Still Supporting Your Adult Kids? 5 Steps to Set Them Free,” October 11, 2017



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Thousands of Primerica leaders made history as they gathered in Toronto July 27-28 for the first-ever Primerica Canada Convention held at the Toronto Congress Centre.

The two-day event drew attendees from coast-to-coast and featured training, recognition and announcements, while recognizing Primerica Canada’s record growth as the country’s largest life insurance licensed sales force.


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