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It’s that time of year again when people resolve to get both physically and financially fitter, but by mid-year we often realize that we have given up on these goals. Making these activities FUN could be the solution to the problem.

Here are three fun money moves to make in 2019:

  1. Challenge your will power. Spend the entire year without an affordable luxury item you may indulge in – be expensive lattes or fancy bath bombs. Every time you have a desire to make such a purchase, refrain, and instead save the cash or transfer the money directly into a savings account.
  2. Save all your $5 bills. Whenever you end up with a $5 bill, set it in a special place and don’t spend it. At the end of the year, count how much you have and use the money how you see fit – like for a trip you’ve wanted to go on, or a boost to your emergency savings account.
  3. Charge yourself for bad habits. Pick a not-so-good habit of yours you’d like to give up but haven’t yet and charge yourself $5 every time you do it. For instance, say you have poor posture. Every time you notice yourself slouching, pay up! Save all the money until the end of the year.



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Recently, Primerica was named a “Premium Player” by Sandler O’Neill & Partners, a NYC-based investment banking firm focused on the financial services sector.

Each year, Sandler O’Neill ranks publicly traded insurers using a weighted average of financial measures most important to investors: earnings per share (EPS) growth, return on equity, and book value growth.

Primerica achieved top quartile performance within the insurance industry for 2018!


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Take a look at these low-cost or even free gift ideas that will help keep your holiday budget in check:

  1. A framed photo. Framing a memorable photograph or scene your gift recipient will love can be cost-effective and sure to bring a smile. Many nationwide chain pharmacies have photo centers and you can order online and pick up your prints on the same day.
  2. A handmade item. Are you crafty? Can you paint, knit, crochet, or wood carve? A homemade piece of jewelry or a handknit scarf can make perfect, personable holiday gifts.
  3. Give of yourself. Everyone’s time is valuable, so giving a “credit” or coupon to cook a favorite meal, clean out a closet or garage, or take your loved one on a scenic road trip could be the ultimate gift for someone you love.
  4. Homemade sweet treats. Homemade candies, cookies, or a gingerbread house replace the ill-reputed fruitcake from days of yore. Find tons of recipes online and start baking!
  5. A themed basket. Fill a basket full of ingredients that fit a particular theme – an Italian dinner kit in a colander, a movie night kit in a popcorn container, a DIY car wash kit in a bucket, etc. Save by picking out your items at a discount store.


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Primerica is encouraging today’s female youth to DREAM BIG in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

At a recent event at the Home Office, 17 Primerica volunteers worked with a group of over 40 local girls (ages 9-16) involved with 100 Girls of Code, an organization that exposes young girls to different opportunities in technology that they can pursue.

The interactive event gave the girls an introduction to specific areas in television production and an up-close look at how women are making an impact at Primerica.

The girls asked many questions and learned what happens behind the scenes of making videos. They saw first hand that it takes great teamwork to be successful!


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Judy Davis spent her entire life selflessly giving to others, so her husband Larrie Davis, a Primerica Regional Vice President in Alberta, Canada, devised a special way to honor his late wife, who passed away in May.

He decided to recognize others who give of themselves like Judy did.

“Judy spent her life doing things for people – most of which was under the radar,” says Larrie. “I thought, you know what? I think there are a ton of people who do things for others with no expectation of being recognized for it.”

The Davis’ town of Innisfail and their local Chamber of Commerce hold an awards gala once a year recognizing sports leaders and business leaders. Larrie decided to approach the committee and ask if he could sponsor an award on behalf of Primerica to recognize people in his community who selflessly give to others.

“We selected recipients who are constantly doing things for other people,” says Larrie.

In its inaugural year, the “Random Acts of Kindness” award went to a couple who were close friends of Judy’s, who Davis said, “were the kind of people who would step out and do something for anybody.”

Read a local newspaper article about the award here.


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