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The holidays are right around the corner — that time of year when overindulgence and overspending become the norm for so many families. Creating and sticking to a holiday budget is a key defense for avoiding additional debt in the New Year.

Considering that less than 50% of people actually set up a holiday budget let alone adhere to it, it’s no wonder that the average consumer ends up with more than $1,000 in credit card debt from holiday spending.1, 2

With some preparation and planning, however, you can defend against the dreaded debt hangover and ring in 2018 with a healthy financial forecast.

Here are some recommendations for creating a holiday budget:

  • Make a list of expenses. Begin by making a list of what you will need to make it through the holidays without using credit or drawing from your emergency fund. List all the supplies you’ll need. Don’t just include the names of people and gifts you need to buy. Will you need gift-wrapping supplies? Will you be traveling? Be sure to account for gas and miscellaneous expenses. Are you hosting a dinner or party? List the food and drinks you’ll need for these get-togethers – anything that goes beyond your usual grocery list.
  • Estimate the cost of expenses and prioritize. Using your list, determine how much money you’ll need to cover the cost of your holiday expenses. Record these figures on a spreadsheet or a piece of paper and add the totals up. If that total shocks you or is not doable, it’s time to prioritize and get creative.
  • Start a holiday fund. Once you’ve arrived at a total holiday budget that’s acceptable to you, start putting away an amount from each paycheck to go into a holiday fund to give you some cushion when December rolls around. Depending on when you start, how much you put into it, and how resourceful you are, you could fund your entire holiday season this way.
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2, “Americans with Holiday Debt Added $1,003 on Average This Year,” December 29, 2016


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Caregivers offer much needed support to loved ones at the expense of their own time, energy and resources. Financially speaking, caregiving can be quite costly.

On average, family caregivers spend $6,954 per year on out-of-pocket costs related to caregiving, nearly 20 percent of their annual income.1 Those earning less than $32,500 are under significant financial strain, spending an average of 44 percent of their annual income on caregiving, the study showed.2  Considering that over half of family caregivers reported a work-related strain, such as having to take unpaid time off, this stretches their finances even further.3

Additionally, caregivers report dipping into savings, cutting back on personal spending, saving less for retirement or taking out loans to make ends meet.4

If you’re a caregiver, knowing where to go for free resources, information and assistance can make an enormous impact on your financial situation.

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Primerica USA Today Ad

Check out Primerica’s ad, featured in the Holiday Edition of USA Today’s Modern Woman magazine! You can find it on newsstands everywhere.



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Primerica stands proudly with veterans and active service men and women protecting families across the United States and Canada.

This year, The Primerica Foundation has donated $25,000 to the USO, a leading organization serving the U.S. military and their families. The donation will go to support the USO’s Pathfinder program, which provides resources to veterans and their families transitioning into civilian life after military service.

In September, more than a dozen Primerica volunteers, including CEO Glenn Williams, greeted military personnel at the USO Georgia site at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. The volunteers served lunch, staffed the USO counter and distributed gift bags.

Williams said: “Primerica and The Primerica Foundation are so proud of our partnership with the USO and the incredible work that the USO does to support our men and women in the military both in Atlanta and all over the United States.”

Veterans who previously served in the U.S. and Canadian armed forces make up a significant percentage of the Primerica field force and the Home Office employs more than 80 Veterans in its locations in Duluth, GA, and Mississauga, ON.



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A Primerica Home office employee was recently profiled in Gwinnett Magazine for the passion and energy she brings to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life campaign.

Read the full article about Renee Carter, who joined Primerica as the Programs and Events Coordinator in 2007.

“As a result of Renee’s leadership, creativity, enthusiasm, dedication, and passion for the American Cancer Society, she has led her associates to raise over $140,000 in the past three years for Relay for Life,” Relay for Life’s Senior Community Manager Roxanne Tigue states, in the article.

Primerica is the No. 1 corporate sponsor for Gwinnett Relay for Life, serving as the Presenting Sponsor since 2013, and is named one of the Top Corporate Relay Teams nationwide. This year, Primerica raised $89,115 for Relay for Life.


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