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The end of the year is quickly approaching, but the big-hearted employees at Primerica’s Home Office stay busy giving back to others in their communities.

Here are some of the ways those employees offered their time and talent by volunteering to make their community better in 2017:

Employee Giving Campaign – Employees had two opportunities to give in October through the United Way and The Primerica Foundation. Our employees generously pledged more than $75,000 for 2018.

Great Days of Service – On October 20, 43 volunteers worked together to paint, landscape and build raised gardens, picnic tables and benches for Creative Enterprises, an organization that is dedicated to assisting adults with disabilities in maximizing their potential.

Blood Drives – One-hundred and sixty-eight pints of blood (collected from four blood drives held at the Primerica Home Office) was donated to the American Red Cross. That amount of blood can save over 500 lives!

Food Drives –Nine pick-up trucks and two 12-foot trailers were filled to the brim with food items donated by employees during two food drives.

Relay for Life – Ninety-thousand dollars was given to the American Cancer Society during our Relay for Life campaign. More than $55,000 was raised by team members on campus, and Primerica also donated $35,000 as the Presenting Sponsor.

Meals on Wheels – This year, Primerica employees used their lunch hours to deliver more than 1,300 meals to the homes of local seniors.

Junior Achievement (JA) – Forty employees volunteered at Finance Park in the Junior Achievement Discovery Center in Gwinnett County, which included a special program for summer interns at the Home Office.

Salvation Army Angel Tree – Employees provided gifts of clothing and toys for 100 less fortunate children and 26 senior citizens in the community.


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Located in Durango, CO, Primerica Senior National Sales Director Rusty Crossland’s historical museum is home to some of the world’s most incredible artifacts. A baseball signed in 1968 by Johnny Bench, a Civil War promotion signed by Abraham Lincoln and autographs from George Washington are just a few of the most notable items on display.

Rusty’s love for history began in the mid-1980s when he bought an antebellum home in the outskirts of Atlanta. According to The Durango Herald, “The seller had documents mounted on the wall. ‘Are those real?’ Rusty asked.” His obsession began and he’s been fascinated ever since. Today, he is the proud owner of several thousand rare and unusual items.

“Primerica gave me the flexibility to not only establish our historical document museum, but also to donate my time and money to countless worthy causes that are in alignment with my values,” says Rusty.

Each year, the R.H. Crossland Foundation is recognized in the local paper and radio for their involvement in the community. Over the years, the historical museum has given thousands of people an extraordinary real-life walk through the past.

“I wish more people around the world knew about our remarkable museum and documents,” says Rusty. “We do all sorts of outreach events for local charities, school programs and it is open to the public. It’s really a great resource that anyone could benefit from, regardless of their age.”


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