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Primerica kicked off 2017 with its Senior Leadership Meeting, held January 4-5, 2017, in Indianapolis, IN.

Top leaders from throughout the United States and Canada came together for the two-day meeting and were privy to a packed itinerary that included powerful messages for the year ahead and reflections on a record-breaking 2016.

In less than six months, Primerica teams from across North America will convene again in Indianapolis for the 2017 Convention.

See pictures from the 2017 Senior Leadership Meeting here.


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Primerica just earned its 14th consecutive DALBAR Mutual Fund Service Award for providing excellent customer service to its clients.

A DALBAR award is only awarded to financial services companies that exceed industry standards, and Primerica works hard to go above and beyond for every client they serve.

Read the press release.



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Do you have a rising high school senior in your family? If so, it’s time to start thinking about college.


Attending college is frequently one of the biggest financial decisions a person can make during their lifetime. If handled properly, college can be a rewarding pursuit that leads to excellent career options. However, if you are not prepared, the costs can leave you or your loved one with huge amounts of student debt. Here are some helpful hints to reduce college costs:

  • Apply to generous schools. Simply put, some colleges are more generous than others when it comes to scholarship rewards. Make sure you apply to several schools where you are confident you will get in and can afford.
  • Max out your test score. At many colleges, a few extra points on a standardized exam can mean thousands of dollars in scholarship money, so make sure you study hard. Test preparation courses can be a wise investment!
  • Avoid paying for your basics. By taking Advanced Placement classes during your junior and senior year of high school, you can get credit for some required freshman courses and avoid university tuition fees.
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    Seventeen Primerica Home Office employees recently had the opportunity to impart real world personal finance experience to Gwinnett County, Georgia, middle school students. The specific lessons in adulthood? How to create and stick to a budget and spend your money wisely!

    Primerica and The Primerica Foundation have partnered with the Junior Achievement Discovery Center Finance Park in Gwinnett – a simulated learning center that is required curriculum for eighth grade students who attend Gwinnett County Public Schools.

    At Finance Park, students are given a random life scenario for the day – including a job, marital status and dependents, as well as a level of debt. They are tasked with going from storefront to storefront with a mock debit card and must purchase necessary items to maintain their household on a month’s income. The exercise requires them to consider costs of groceries and transportation to a mortgage and debt repayment, but they are also given a chance to consider wealth protection measures such as life insurance or investments.

    The volunteers use their time and talents to mentor and guide the students during this time, which often causes candid realizations as the activity brings home the real life costs of things to the middle schoolers.

    “I think it was pretty funny when one of the students saw just how much it cost to pay for health insurance for his family,” one volunteer said. “He saw the number and almost passed out!”

    Some students walked away with a newfound appreciation for the sacrifices made by their parents after catching a glimpse at how expensive the real world can be.

    “I can’t believe how my father affords me sometimes,” one student said.

    Many said they were going to go home and hug their parents.

    The activity impacts more than just the students, though.

    One volunteer noticed the students working well together as a team and called it “refreshing to see.”

    “They took their roles and responsibilities really seriously,” she said. “It was nice to see that the future is going to be producing more friendly working environments.”

    In addition to the group of 17 that volunteered December 2, 20 Primerica employees volunteered in February 2016 and 25 volunteered at the opening of the center in
    November 2015.

    Junior Achievement estimates 30,000 students and a little more than 5,000 volunteers will have passed through the center in 2016.





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