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After one of the coldest winters in decades, many people are looking forward to warmer months ahead. Rising temperatures might be a welcome change, but rising energy bill costs aren’t! Many people assume high utility bills are only common during the cold winter months, but spring and summer months can be costly when it comes to your monthly household budget. Weatherproofing your home isn’t just for winter – a few easy fixes and actions on your part could lead to big savings in the summer, too!

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, these simple tips could lower your home cooling bill and lead to some big savings:

  • Use your windows to gain cool air and keep out heat: open windows at night and then shut them in the morning to close in the cool air. Use window treatments to block out sun and keep your house cool.
  • Operate your thermostat efficiently: get a programmable thermostat and keep it turned up while you’re away.
  • Use fans and ventilation strategies to circulate cool air: Use ceiling fans and other forms of spot ventilation – like in laundry rooms and bathrooms – to push warm air out of the house.
  • Keep your cooling system running efficiently: schedule regular maintenance for your air conditioning unit and keep your air registers free of dust and obstructions like furniture.
  • Don’t heat your home with appliances and lighting: keep lights off and cook outside on the grill to avoid turning on the oven or stove on really hot days. Use energy efficient bulbs and only run appliances like dryers and dishwashers with full loads.
  • Keep hot air from leaking into your home: consider more energy efficient windows or use caulk and weather stripping to seal up leaks.
  • Turn down the thermostat on your water heater: turn it to the warm setting – 120 degrees.



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Primerica was recently recognized by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as one of the best workplaces in Georgia. Primerica was the highest-ranking public company headquartered in Georgia, and it ranked 18th in the “large companies” category (500+ employees in Georgia) when compared with private companies, non-profit organizations, and local offices of public companies based out-of-state.

The poll was conducted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and its partner, Workplace Dynamics. More than 1,200 companies were nominated or asked to participate and more than 50,000 metro Atlanta employees from 211 area companies participated in the survey.

Primerica President Glenn Williams remarked, “Primerica is a top Georgia workplace because of the people who make up the Primerica team. We enjoy a positive environment supporting our 95,000 licensed representatives in our mission to create financially independent families. The dedication and caring attitudes of our employees is why Primerica is a great place to work.”

“We have a very unique culture,” said Primerica Chief Human Resources Officer Karen Fine. “The average tenure of our employees is 14 years, with 62% of employees serving 10 or more years with the company. I believe that says everything about Primerica and the kind of work environment we have.”


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Everyone deserves a getaway, but that doesn’t mean your Spring Break trip has to bust open your savings. There are plenty of ways to cut costs and still experience a trip of a lifetime! Here are five:

1. Look for deals. Nowadays, almost all major cities have discount saving websites and apps with deals aplenty. Whether you’re looking for a spa package, museum admission or a restaurant deal, do a little research on your destination, and you’ll be surprised by how much you can save with a little planning and preparation.

2. Travel smart. If you’ve already booked your flight (hopefully you saved money by booking at least two weeks early), make sure you don’t pay for “extras” by checking too many bags or spending top dollar on airport food and snacks. If you’re traveling by car, try to carpool to save on gas or use grocery points for gas if your grocery store offers that perk.

3. Eat in sometimes. If you’re playing tourist or lazing on the beach, save some greenbacks by going to the grocery store. Most hotels have mini-fridges and microwaves, or you can pack a small cooler. Stock up on drinks, snacks or sandwich fixings, and you’ll save on breakfast and lunch. Then, if you want to treat yourself to that exclusive restaurant for dinner, you can do it guilt-free!

4. Pack well. It’s easy to forget a couple of essentials when you’re packing for a trip. Make a list of everything you’ll need in advance and check it twice as you pack. Stopping at the store to pick up that forgotten tube of toothpaste not only cuts into your spending money, but it also it cuts into your vacation time!

5. Make a budget. I know the word “budget” sounds anti-fun, but it’s really not a bad word. Creating a trip budget doesn’t mean that you can’t do all of the fun things you want to on a trip, it just makes for smarter spending. Make a list of the things you really want to do, how many times you plan to eat out, a splurge item, etc. Be realistic, and allot the right amount of money for each. Then stick to it!

Have fun!
Just because you’re spending less money on your trip, doesn’t mean it won’t be super fun. Just think: instead of worrying about how much money you spent on your trip and how long it’s going to take you to pay it off, you can enjoy your vacation with no regrets and still have money in the bank! Now, that is true relaxation!



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