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1. Embrace a positive view of money. Everyone has a relationship with money. What’s yours? Many people equate wealth accumulation with being miserly. Or, they feel doomed to repeat financial mistakes of the past. Give yourself the gift of a fresh start and vow to take a positive view of finances.

2. Track your spending. Keeping track of your expenditures over two weeks can really offer eye-opening insights into your financial “black holes.” When you know where your money is going, you can start to take control.

3. Create a financial roadmap. What are your goals? Without a financial roadmap, you have no idea where you are going financially. Think about your dreams and commit them to paper. Your Primerica representative can help with a free, updated Financial Needs Analysis.


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Did you know that overspending is usually related to emotional pain, distorted thinking about what you feel you deserve, and/or a disconnect between the buying impulse and actual results of the purchase? In some cases, overspending may stem from wanting to live a similar lifestyle as others—even though the reality is everyone’s financial situation is different.

If overspending is a problem for you, here are some tips to rein in the impulse:

Take some time.
Give yourself some time before you buy to ask, “What am I really feeling?” or “Why do I want to buy this?” Try waiting three days, and then see if you still want to buy the item.

Distract yourself.
Instead of making a purchase, distract yourself by engaging in another activity, such as exercise, meditation or prayer – anything other than a money decision.

Try cash.
If you typically shop with credit cards, challenge yourself to spend only cash for a month. Seeing the cash leave your wallet carries more emotional impact than buy-now-pay-later plastic.


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