More than Meets the Eye

Jeff & Kelcey Fieldstad
Las Vegas, NV
Former Occupation: Advertising

On the surface, it would seem unlikely that a couple of young adults barely out of high school would have the experience or qualifications necessary to become successful business owners.* In fact, in the corporate world, those things might be viewed as a disadvantage. But fortunately for Jeff and Kelcey Fieldstad, of Las Vegas, NV, Primerica doesn’t care about what’s on the surface. This business was made for what’s on the inside – a person’s heart, determination and drive to make a difference.

“I was almost 21, still living with my family in our single-wide trailer, when I joined Primerica,” reflects Jeff. “Kelcey, also living at home, was 19. We were like most people our ages, we had big dreams of how we wanted our lives to be. When the Primerica business opportunity came along, we saw it as the vehicle to take us to those goals – and it’s more than lived up to that expectation.”

“Feels Like We’re In a Movie”
Nearly eight years later, the couple is married, leading a thriving business and living a very comfortable life in downtown Las Vegas. “I doubt we’d be able to afford to even rent the condo we live in right now if it weren’t for Primerica,” says Jeff. “We live in a high rise overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. It has everything – 24-hour security, a full-time concierge, a valet who parks our cars and maid service to clean our house. I feel like we’re in a movie or something sometimes.”

Kelcey adds, “Because of what we’ve done with our Primerica business, we don’t worry about money. When we want to go on vacation, we go. I recently bought my dream car, because we have the means to do so. Primerica has given us options – options that give us the freedom to do the things we want or need without stressing about the cost. And it’s not just the big things we have the freedom to enjoy – it’s the little things too, like choosing to go to yoga classes whenever I want to and however many times I want to go. We wouldn’t have any of this if it weren’t for Primerica.”

Freedom to Give Back
Through their Primerica business, the Fieldstads have the freedom to live life on their own terms – a freedom they love to share with the people they care about. “We love having the ability to give back to our parents,” smiles Kelcey. “One of our favorite trips was taking our moms to the Bahamas. We had no budget, we just went and did whatever we wanted. We went on excursions, we saw amazing things, and we got to share it all with them.”

Jeff adds, “My mom had never been out of the state before, so getting to take her someplace like the Bahamas was a really special moment for me. It’s an incredible feeling, having the freedom to live our lives how we choose, on our own terms. Primerica gives us that chance.”

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