Millennials Making Their Mark Through Start-Ups

Despite a bleak job market, America’s youngest generation of graduates is making its mark on the economy: by launching new businesses. According to a new study, more than 29% of entrepreneurs were 20-34 years old, and roughly 160,000 start-ups a month were led by Millennials last year.* In fact, 40% of 18-to-24-year olds say they would like to start a business.*

Some financial experts describe the Milliennial generation as the “the most entrepreneurial generation ever.”* Raised by their parents to think independently, and with a general distrust for large organizations, Millennials have taken matters into their own hands – and many have found success with Primerica!

Hear how recent grad Whitney Cooper of Fort Worth, Texas turned down offers from large, well-known financial companies to start her own Primerica business helping families reach their financial goals.

Learn how Millennials Jeff and Kelsey Fieldstad of Las Vegas, Nevada decided to take a chance with Primerica – and never looked back.

*, May 7, 2012

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