Pagliusos Raise Their Game

Fiori & Teresa Pagliuso
Toronto, Ontario
Former Occupation:
Factory Worker

Before they joined Primerica, Fiori & Teresa Pagliuso, of Toronto, Ontario, had “dead end” jobs that left them with nothing to show for their hard work. “I was a cookie maker and Teresa worked in retail sales,” recalls Fiori. “We had zero savings, very low income, creditors chasing us and no idea how to make a change.”

They were desperate to get out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle so when they heard about Primerica, they knew they had to give it a shot. “Working 9 to 5 wasn’t fun for us,” explains Fiori. “We are very driven and we thrive on competition and recognition – which, of course, you don’t get out in the corporate world. When we joined Primerica, we hit the ground running and have been building steadily to get to where we are now.”

Today, the Pagliusos are building a strong business and are fully enjoying their Primerica career. “We never focused on the income,” says Fiori. “We only focused on growth. Building a team, developing independent leaders and teaching others to build their own businesses is how you can reach any goal – and build a lasting business.”

He adds, “When we started in this business, we just wanted to make enough to pay the bills. Now that we’ve experienced success, our goals are to get our teammates to advance to the next level and to help our people become successful as well.”

Because of their career with Primerica, Fiori and Teresa’s life is worlds away from where they started. “Primerica changed our financial future forever,” Fiori says. “We live in a beautiful home, we’re saving money for the future and we are debt free. We also love the fact that because of our Primerica income, we can give back to our family and improve their quality of life.”

Together with their team, this power building duo is headed for even bigger success. “This business allows us to give people hope for their future,” smiles Fiori. “We’re changing lives every day and that feels good!”